Hi! I'm beginning to get 100% sure that Richard is gay and that he and Lee are/were dating. Because when Ian Mckellen said that two of the dwarves were gay, I checked that all the other actors have a gf/ wife and some have children, but not Richard and Adam. And seriously it is pretty weird that Richard hasn't got a gf other than that one that we know of. What do you think? But it's quite weird because I never would have thought that he would be gay, my gaydar didn't detect that one :D




Hi Anon!

To me, Richard seems bisexual, to be honest. Maybe he’s had boyfriends before but only chose to divulge the heterosexual relationships because he has that Leading Man status to protect. I don’t mean it in a negative way, I just mean— it is what it is.

I agree he’s with Lee. I think they’ve been together since 2011. It’s not just the clothes sharing thing. They’re close enough to vacation with each other’s families yet Richard barely speaks about him? Naysayers often isolate the signs but if you add all these up, it’s not surprising that people make the pretty logical conclusion that they’re together.

Also, you’re absolutely right. Richard is simply too fanciable to have been single since The Hobbit was in production. While he’s fully entitled to keep his personal life private, I don’t think this is the case. Even popular actors who seem to always be single (like Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston) are linked to actresses left and right. Richard’s only been linked to Lee, and vice versa. 

Of course, I highly doubt we’re gonna know the story. They were never the kind of celebs to share details of their personal lives. Why should they start now that they’re in a potentially very high-profile relationship? It’s more likely they’ll break up and all these little hints will stop. They have far too much on the line to go public (if there is something to go public about).

Unfortunately, there aren’t many openly gay actors who are given the kinds of roles these two are being given right now. In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter but that’s not really where we’re at. Simply put, the world cannot handle these two gorgeous men as an item. Not yet, anyway. I just hope they don’t resort to bearding up like how some actors feel the need to.

Oh, and Straight. Men. Don’t. Share. Clothes. Especially not in the amount these two definitely does. Not like they’re college roommates who can’t be arsed to do laundry. They’re grown men. They’re actors. They’re probably drowning in clothes yet they choose to wear each other’s.

btw, what heterosexual relationships did RA divulge, other than Capper? Any? I am not sure about bi. Many gay man have gone through relationships with women. It does not make them bi. I am not saying he is def gay vs bi, just pointing out that based on the fact I only know about Capper (if at all, though I am not even sure about that) it just does not scream bi.

RA and LP would make a really beautiful couple, if they are together I wish them both the best and hope that in spite of the difficulties, they can pull it off.

There’s this now-infamous interview Richard gave back in 2006 where a reporter for the Daily Mail (don’t know what he was thinking) printed a lot of Richard’s personal notions of romance and faithfulness and his romantic past. He later said he thought he and the reporter were only talking and that he didn’t know that he was on the record the entire time.



This is why I think he’s bi. He came off very, very candid in this interview and spoke about women (not candid enough to talk about trysts with men—this is post North and South, after all— but still by far one of the most revealing interviews of him). It didn’t sound like he was trying to throw off the gay vibes by overcompensating with macho stories. He just really fancied whichever woman he was seeing at the time. It doesn’t seem to be a ‘bearding’ situation either, because if it was, he wouldn’t be embarrassed by this interview later on (which he was).

Anyway, since this interview he’s been very mum about his personal life— though not too private to keep Annabel from the press when they were together. Something about the last three years of absolute silence about his personal life makes it all the more obvious that there’s something about his present relationship he can’t share. That’s one of the things leading me to the notion he’s 1) probably dating a man and 2) it’s probably Lee.

So, yes, I think he’s bi.


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